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How our dedicated team helps you

To ensure that our clients are able to receive the top-notch care that they deserve, our Hospice team is composed of the following:

Medical Directors
They supervise, manage, and coordinate with the patients to create a care plan that suits their needs.
Primary Caregivers
They are chosen by the patient and their family members to care and support them on a daily basis.
Skilled professionals who promote the patient’s comfort and quality of life, adhering to the instructions of the medical director.
Certified Home Health Aides
They deliver family-like care and emotional support for the patients and their family members.
Social Workers
Provide assistance and guidance to both the patient and the members of their family and help them through a challenging part of their lives.
Our volunteers devote their time and effort to visiting patients and families that need their care and love.
Provides interfaith support to patients and their family members.

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