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How Hospice Care Benefits the Family


When talking about palliative care in Chula Vista, California, the focus is usually placed on the care a patient receives as they face the final stages of a serious illness, and rightfully so. However, these services also help the families that patients live with as well. 

At MODERNE HOSPICE CARE INC., we provide hospice care services that benefit the family members a patient is closest to, in addition to helping the patient. For example, our services include helping the patient with light household chores like cleaning and laundering, which the family would have to do otherwise.

We help patients perform basic activities of daily living such as walking around the house climbing up and down stairs. We assist patients with getting dressed, taking a bath, using the toilet, and a variety of other tasks, so family members don’t have to. Our caregivers are also trained to help patients do things more quickly and safely.

Our expert nursing services in California can help patients manage their symptoms and lessen their pain. This will help improve their quality of life. It will also help reduce their anxiety and stress, as well as that of their families. This way, everyone can sleep better at night and focus on essential things that need to be done.

We make an effort to develop a personalized health care program for each of our patients under hospice care. This will enable us to take care of their particular wants and needs. Call us today so we can provide your loved one with the palliative care they need and deserve.

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