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Make Your Seniors Happy in Their Remaining Years


Your senior loved ones may have had a colorful life when they were young. They might have experienced difficulties. And at this point in their lives, when they are already receiving palliative care in Chula Vista, California, it is time to make them happy.

What could families and friends do for ailing senior loved ones?

  • Spend quality time with them
    Visit seniors as often as you can. If your actual presence is not possible, get together over video calls.
  • Appreciate them
    Remind your elderly parents and grandparents how much you love them, and appreciate all their efforts to reach out to you or give you favors. Show your love by providing a health care program they deserve.
  • Listen to their stories
    You may have heard your parents’ stories over and over. Even so, listen to them as if it is always the first time. Encourage them to talk to you or get a home care provider who will provide entertainment and companionship – it will be beneficial to their mental health and outlook on life.
  • Provide them with a cozy environment
    Life can be unbearable if there is no comfort – especially while under hospice care services in the remaining years of their lives. Keep the home spacious with adequate lighting, airflow, and temperature. And ask about their requests.

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