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FAQ: Hospice Care Eligibility


If you care for an older relative, like an aging parent, one important decision you may have to make is when to place your loved one under palliative care in Chula Vista, California. Choosing palliative care means stopping aggressive medical treatment and focusing on the end of life care, keeping things as comfortable for the patient in their final days.

Signs that your loved one is ready for hospice care include their having a terminal illness with a prognosis of less than or equal to six months. This prognosis is usually given by a licensed medical doctor who may personally refer your loved one to receive hospice care services. Patients with a declining functional status, nutritional status, and overall clinical conditions also qualify for hospice care.

If your loved one qualifies for palliative care, the next step is to decide where they will be receiving it. If possible, most patients opt to stay at home rather than in an assisted living facility. They want to be in a place they are comfortable and familiar with. In this case, a home care provider will be hired to take care of them 24/7.

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