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Bereavement Care Services for Families


When it comes to providing palliative care in Chula Vista, California, we at MODERNE HOSPICE CARE INC. believe in taking care of more than just the patient. Bereavement care for the patient’s family is a core part of the services we provide. This mainly consists of helping the family cope with the grief of losing a loved one and helping the family improve their quality of life and well-being moving forward.

To this end, we provide as part of our hospice care services, emotional and spiritual counseling. We can provide professionals and pastors who can guide the family toward finding closure and meaning in grief, as a group, and as individuals. We can also recommend other methods of coping and recovery, as needed by certain family members.

In the same way, we provide personalized nursing services in California that adapt to the specific needs of our patients. We adapt our bereavement care services to the changing needs of our patient’s families. We understand the hardship and pain that comes with losing a loved one. That is why we have programs in place to help families in their time of need.

If you want to learn more about the end of life and bereavement care services we offer, give us a call today at 619-500-5313.

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