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Introducing Your Loved One to Hospice Care


Starting a conversation about end of life care is not easy. But it is important to start the conversation early to help give your loved one more time to weigh his/her options and come to a decision.

As a provider of elderly care, allow us to share our expert advice on how to introduce hospice care to your loved one.

  • Make sure to vocally acknowledge the difficulties that they have been through lately. They need to know that you recognize their hardships so they don’t feel neglected.
  • Share with them what your hopes and concerns are for them and in turn, ask them what they hope for as well or if they have any concerns or questions.
  • Be informative and tell them all about hospice care and how it can benefit them. Dispel common misconceptions about hospice.
  • Explore all their options together such as hospice care at home, in a care facility, or others. You can bring them to talk to a hospice care provider or to someone who is under hospice care.
  • Let them know that whatever their decision, you will be supportive. Reassure them that their wishes are heard and respected.

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